Production Resources

A hands on 'can do' approach providing help, knowledge & expertise in matching locations with the needs of the production is fully understood. The office has developed relationships and an indepth knowledge of the Donegal area and its inhabitants and will work as a location liaison to help productions move smoothly.

With an extensive database of locations within the county, many of which are profiled on the website we will find your perfect locations and services. If you don’t see what you are looking for on the website, please contact us for more information.

The cast and crew on our database have worked on a number of productions ranging from feature film, documentary, promotional work and short films. We have all levels of crew required from enthusiastic runners to award winning cameramen.

Production resources are available from technical services right through to local service providers.

The Film Office in the County offer a database of:

  • Useful contacts within the local authority and other relevant agencies in the county; such as traffic management / licenses / permits.
  • Local service providers like hoteliers, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, local bank branches, car hire companies, builders suppliers, tourist offices, local historians, local clubs and societies, regional airports, beauticians, taxi hire etc.
  • Cast and crew that live in the county / region.
  • Production companies in the county / region.
  • Local press contact details.

Close to Northern Ireland

As well, as the many resources available in Donegal, we also have extensive links with our neighbour Northern Ireland, in terms of location knowledge, production resources and opportunities for cross border collaboration.

You should also note that we are 150km from Titanic Studios in Belfast, which includes the Paint Hall studio and two new purpose-built sound stages, the Hurst and MacQuitty stages.

Shine of Rainbows Production Notes