Climate & Sunlight

With our flat, clean coastlines and rugged landscape, Donegal has much to offer in terms of cinematography. The landscape is isolated with a range rock types, various types of greenery and mainly, untouched by human infrastructure. There are many parts of the region which have remained so untouched that you could set a visual production in any era from prehistoric to modern day. As Donegal is located along the northern periphery of Europe, on the Atlantic coastline, the skyline, sea and landscape are dramatic in nature and suit many types of production.

Donegal is perfect for night time filming. Our latitude at 55° means we have long summer days and long periods of night in winter, which can be up to 16 hours of darkness. Dependant on weather, clear skies result in magnificent views of the stars, due to having little light pollution in south and west, and pristine dark skies over the north and west coasts.