The county has a deeply indented coastline forming natural sea loughs, some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe and many off shore islands, as well as Ireland’s leading fishing port.

The terrain is similar to Scotland, Canada and the east coast of South Africa. The time zone for Donegal is GMT.

Donegal has a range of natural highlights ranging from our unique low lying bogland to our sculptural mountains. We have some of the most diverse wildflower and birds throughout our islands, lakes, woodlands, rivers and coast.

Donegal has one of the longest coastlines in Ireland with some 1,100km of coastline and over 100 beaches. We have many miles of sandy coast/dunes which contain unique grassland habitats which are only native to the north west of Ireland and the Scottish Hebrides.

"The beautiful Donegal landscape is a featured character in Grabbers and we had an extraordinary experience shooting the film in Ireland. We had a terrific team working with us and a very warm local reception". 

Tracy Brimm, Producer Grabbers.